Granite is one of the most frequently used stones for countertops because of it’s durability and strength. It is made up of Feldspar, Quartz and Mica. Granite is the most common rock found on the earth’s crust and comes in a variety of colors, thus making it a popular choice for consumers. Because Granite is a porous rock, it does need to be sealed but we recommend yearly maintenance to keep your countertop in the best condition.



Marble is becoming increasingly popular with consumers as of late, especially in the kitchen. Because marble is waterproof, heatproof and luxurious it is considered a premium choice for countertops. Marble is formed from calcium carbonate so it reacts easily with acids and can lead to etching on the surface. Marble is a porous rock and is much softer than both Quartz and Granite, leading to a higher propensity for chipping.



Natural quartz is one of nature’s hardest surfaces. In fact, it’s twice as hard as granite. Quartz is not only a high performing surface, but it is also luxurious, durable and low maintenance. Our surfaces are composed of up to 93% quartz and are therefore designed to last. In a unique process, we take the innate strength of quartz and combine it with numerous polymers and dashes of pigments. The result: A range of durable and beautiful quartz surfaces in a wide variety of colors and finishes.